All you need is hate

Hate is all around find it in your heart in every waking sound. On your way to school, work or church you'll find that it's the only rule. Build a different world, hate will help you find what you've been looking for. Hate is everywhere, inside your mother's heart and you will find it there. You ask me what you need, hate is all you need.

This was how I won the west. Charity, a joke that friendly cities think that we believe or so it seems. We kicked and punched and stabbed to death and everyone applauded my fine actions I was overcome. You ask me what I've seen, hate is all I've seen.

Hate is in the air. Come on people feel it like you just don't care. Everlasting hate feel it in the people where it's warm and great. Come on hate yourself everyone here does so just enjoy yourself. Hate is everywhere, look inside your heart and you will find it there. You ask me what I mean, Hate is all I mean.

The Delgados - All you need is hate

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